Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Fun...

This weekend was full of Halloween festivities and Pumpkin Carving was definitely one of them. We decided to carve the pumpkin Wy-man picked out at the pumpkin patch a couple weeks back. It was perfect size.

I cut open the top and let him 'gut' away.
As many of you know, Wy-man is picky about his hands getting sticky, so it didn't take long before Dad-d had to help out.
Dad-d was even a trooper and cut out the face so I could continue to snap photos. (Imagine that...)
Wy-man was quite pleased with the end product. So much so he wanted to take a bite! I had to explain that we don't take bites out of our pumpkins. ;-)
It was great weather for pumpkin carving and playing outside. Wy-man didn't want to sit by his pumpkin for long...he would have rather been mowing the lawn. (This is his "Mom, I've had enough of you. Please let me go play" smile.)

And there will be more Halloween posts throughout the week...Until then, enjoy!

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