Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday's Words of the Week

Well, I missed last Wednesday's post so I have two weeks worth of Wyatt-isms.

1. "My Sweaty" - Our little guy definitely takes after Dad-d and sweats pretty easily. After running around the house/yard like a wild man, Wy is always so sweaty. He will come up, rub is sweaty head against my leg and proclaim: "My sweaty!"

2. "My ____ (Dad-d) Soon?" - He loves to ask when he is going to see someone certain. So you can fill in the blank with any name and that is how Wy-man asks me if he will be seeing someone special in the near future.

3. "Slow down!" - Lately when we have been driving too and from daycare, Wy-man will tell me to slow down. I don't drive that fast but I find it interesting that he is already aware of his surroundings and how fast/slow we are going.

4. "Go way" - We are in that terrible two's stage right now and my sweet Wy-man is starting to show more signs of it. "Go way" (meaning "Go away") is just one of those. If he doesn't want me close to him he tells me to go away. It is so sad yet so cute all at the same time.

5. "Leave lone" - This would be the next of the terrible two's mention. He is meaning to say "Leave me alone" but has shortened it to "Leave lone." He does this when he is pouting after getting in trouble.

6. "I'm mad!" - If he gets upset with Dad-d or me he likes to share his emotions with us. Lately, the common theme has been "I'm mad" completed with the folding of the arms and sticking out the pouty lip!

7. "My naughty." - I am used to picking Wy-man up from daycare and having them telling me what a great day he had and how he was such a doll. But this past week I have had her tell me two times that he wasn't doing well on listening and was refusing to clean up toys when asked. So when I ask him when we get him how his day was he will tell me, "My naughty, mama." So at least he knows...but let's just hope he knows to change his ways. ;-)

8. "My no like this!" - Two nights ago we were eating dinner and I cut up canned peaches for Wy-man. He used to love them but it had been a while since we had them. So he picked one up to try it, held it in his mouth for 2 chews, spit it out on his plate, looked up at me and said, "My no like this." It was so adorable.

9. "Thif Way" - Wy-man's new thing is telling me where I should turn. 'No mama, thif way!' pointing his finger in the opposite direction I am going.

10: "That funny?!" - This last one is probably his most favorite thing to say in the past two weeks. He will do anything or say anything followed by a 'That funny mama?!" wanting me to laugh. Lately he has figured out he should try that when he gets in trouble. It isn't working on me, but it has worked on Dad-d a couple times. ;-)

Gotta love this little guy (who's not so little anymore).

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