Thursday, October 28, 2010

Them Bones...

Tomorrow is Wy-man's Halloween Party at daycare so Mama needed to come up with some treats for him to bring. I did some searching online and came across the cutest idea - Bones!

So Wy-man, Mimi and I worked diligently to get these treats made. I was super impressed as Wy-man even helped put the marshmallows on each end. (Although, I think he ate three for every one he contributed to the cookie sheet.)
And here's a look at the bone cemetery after they were covered in white chocolate.
We then packaged up 3 bones for each kid and paired them with raisins, m&m's and candy corn.
Now Wy-man has a treat basket that is sure to be a hit with all of his friends...
And Mama can't wait to bring the extras to share with her coworkers too!
These treats were super easy to do and are super cute. If you have any other great treat ideas, I would love to hear them so I can keep them in mind for next year's festivities.

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