Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wyatt's Words of the Week.

As I watch my baby grow into a toddler, I find myself in awe of his vocabulary development now that he can put 6 words together. So, each week I plan to share his most common statements with all of you.

(This will also help me remember some of the funny things he says...and I will do my best at the phonetic spelling of each!)

1. "My go Mimi owe-sss!" (It's supposed to be 'Mimi house' but we haven't quite mastered the 'H" sound just yet - so it's 'house' without the h sound.)

2. "Ahhh, Maann!" - He likes to say this when he drops a toy or something doesn't go as he had envisioned.

3. "Puh-kin Patch" - We visited what we thought was going to be pumpkin patch this weekend and he loved repeating this phrase over and over again...even if he couldn't say pumpkin right.

4. "Mama new car?! MY new car!" - He's been very excited about HIS new car and can't wait to ride in it every day.

5. "ABCD' 'ime won't you 'ing with me!" - he is loving learning his alphabet and will start busting into song at the most random times.

All for now. I am sure there will be other great ones in the weeks to come.

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  1. Thanks for the updates .. he's just getting soooo big!!