Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swimmin' at Dad-d's Work!

Believe it or not but today was the first time Wy-man has gone swimming at Dad-d's work. It is such a kid friendly pool that I am kicking myself for not taking him sooner.

We enjoyed our time doing many activities.
Like going down the slide...
Running through the water fountains...
Shootin' hoops...(Joe Krabbenhoft would have been so proud!)
Just call me Air Jordan!
Working on his flutter kicks...(I bet you can't tell by that statement that Mama used to be a swim instructor for years!)
And learned about cause and effect...(he quickly learned that when he unplugged a hole, he had to move fast to avoid be sprayed in the face.)
It's fun times like these that make me realize all over again how lucky I am to be a mama!

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