Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Official Pumpkin Patch

Wy-man and I ventured out to give the pumpkin patch another shot - and this time it was the real deal. It all started with a hayride out to pick the pumpkin of his choice!He quickly found one, but without Dad-d there to help, Mama wasn't sure she would be able to carry the camera, Wyatt and the pumpkin. So I took a few cute photos with this pumpkin before we began searching again. And I am not sure why he wanted to bit the stem, but I got it on camera!
Here's the pumpkin we landed on. Once we brushed off the dirt, it was perfect!
And of course I wanted to get one more photo while on the hayride back to pay for our pumpkin, but Wy-man wasn't too thrilled.

But he did let me put the pumpkin next to him and take a few photos.
After our pumpkin find was safely placed into the car, we got to enjoy a pony ride...
And check out a few of the animals on hand.
He couldn't wait to pet the donkey...
But kept calling him a 'horsie' when he tried to summon him to come back and be pet.
And to end the day, he 'drove' the car and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
What a fun day for Wy-man and Mama! Too bad Dad-d was out of town.

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