Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Decorations

As I mentioned on Facebook last week, my mom came over one day, busted out my Halloween decorations and went to town. Here are a few shots of the finished work. I think my favorite area is the black buffet table in the kitchen and the Fall centerpiece she made for me. She's so crafty!
Thanks Mom for this wonderful early birthday gift. I love your work.
Now I have photos and can recreate it on my own next year.


  1. Now I thought you said you didn't ahve many decorations!!!! Wow! Looks great! Did you ask her if taking it down when the season was over came with the gift? :) I had to get mine out after seeing this, but was disappointed!! Haven't done fall in 2 years. It is time! Love you and your home looks beautiful!

  2. Seriously... can your momma just move to OKC and do my decor each season? Pretty please, I'm happy to bribe her with chocolate!!!