Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last weekend (yes this post is an entire week late due to my crazy work schedule), Wy-man and I met our good friends Jaiden and Rhonda at Family Wellness for a swimming play date. Man did we have a blast!

The boys played for almost 2 hours. Splashing, giggling and having a good ol' time, while us mama's got to catch up on some much needed girl talk!
Wy-man even took Thomas the Train on a 'boat ride' around the pool. Then like all boys...they had to crash into each other. ;-)
I love watching Wy-man's friendships grow. Their innocence and acceptance at that age incomparable. And seeing the smiles like this solidify why I am a mama - and why play dates are SO important no matter how busy life gets. I could learn a lesson or two from these carefree boys.
True friends should be cherished no matter how young or old! Thanks for the fun times Rhonda and Jaiden!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's Amore...

Wy-man loves to help make dinner, and unfortunately I don't always get home from work earlier enough to spend two hours making the meal. But today I told myself that no matter how long it took, Wy-man would make the entire meal. So we chose homemade pizza...and man was it a blast.

He poured the water into the dough all by himself (and didn't spill a drop).
He even stirred with with gusto!
Patted the dough like no body's business...
And had the doughy hands to prove it! The OCD then came out as he placed each sausage on the pizza one by one. Then mama taught him how to sprinkle the sausage all around.
The next step was spreading the cheese. Once again, we started small but quickly progressed to large piles of cheese! After all, that is Wy-man's favorite food.
And he was caught red handed sneaking a mouthful!
Wy-man was VERY proud of the finished product. I love seeing the joy on his face when he accomplishes a task!
Of course we then had to watch the pizza bake for a while...
...and then he wanted to take photos of mama. (Please ignore how tired I has been a busy week.)
And when Dad-d got home, we were ready to eat our scrumptious meal. But before we started he took a couple photos to document this momentous occasion.
After all the hard work, it was 7:30 and we finally were able to sit down and enjoy our yummy meal. Wy-man and I had a blast cooking and spending quality time together. This is my vow to cook together at least one night a week. I am one lucky girl to have a lil' man that likes to spend time with his mama!