Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last weekend (yes this post is an entire week late due to my crazy work schedule), Wy-man and I met our good friends Jaiden and Rhonda at Family Wellness for a swimming play date. Man did we have a blast!

The boys played for almost 2 hours. Splashing, giggling and having a good ol' time, while us mama's got to catch up on some much needed girl talk!
Wy-man even took Thomas the Train on a 'boat ride' around the pool. Then like all boys...they had to crash into each other. ;-)
I love watching Wy-man's friendships grow. Their innocence and acceptance at that age incomparable. And seeing the smiles like this solidify why I am a mama - and why play dates are SO important no matter how busy life gets. I could learn a lesson or two from these carefree boys.
True friends should be cherished no matter how young or old! Thanks for the fun times Rhonda and Jaiden!

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