Friday, December 31, 2010

Play-doh Fun

I had a three day weekend so Wy-man and I had lots of fun activities on the agenda. First, was having fun with Play-doh. We played, smashed, rolled, cut and repeated that process many times.
He couldn't wait to press out his own shapes and had to do it on his OWN! (Gotta love the independent 2 year old stage...but you can see how much fun he was having so who could say no to that?!)As many of you probably saw my Facebook Status update from last week, the OCD in me was having a hard time allowing Wy-man to mix his colors. So here's proof that I finally gave in. It actually made quite a pretty mixture initially (even though it has since become a muddy brown color).
But I figured it was worth it, and he had a blast so I decided mixing is the way to go. I will just make sure I have non-mixed refills on hand!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Choo Choo Obsession

Wy-man has a new found obsession with Choo Choo Trains. (Thank you Cousin Will & Austin for sharing ALL of your Thomas trains with him. He takes them EVERYWHERE!)

That being said, I HAD to purchase the Gingerbread Choo Choo Train when I saw it. I just knew Wy-man would LOVE it. And sure enough he did. So much so, I had to hide it until we could actually make it.

I assembled the body the night before and let it dry. The morning after Christmas Wy-man and I set out to decorate this steam engine!
And man was he meticulous for two years old. I was quite impressed.
I thought he would be too interested in eating the candy, but I was wrong. He didn't try to eat one piece. It was all about the decorating!
Wy-man then had to get out his new Christmas present (his camera) and take a photo of his masterpiece. (Instead he had more fun taking a photo of me taking a photo.)
I finally was able to get him to put the camera down and look at me. I just love seeing the pure joy in his eyes!
And here's the finished product. Not too shabby for two years old, huh?! (And I only helped a little...)
I think we have now established a new tradition for next year!

Jesus' Birthday

On Christmas mornin' this was the first sight I saw...a child in awe of the Christmas wonder. What a wonderful perspective! He enjoyed opening his gifts from Santa...
..and trying on his new shades!Of course he also had to check out Dad-d's gift from Santa - a Cotton Candy Machine!
We then cleaned up and went to visit Great Grandad for a nice Christmas Day lunch. Wy-man is loved at "The Lodge" by all the little old ladies, so he enjoys going. He even snuggled up next to Grandad for a photo opp.
And he also posed with me!
Then it was food-time and there was no stopping him. He scarfed down the turkey, mashed potatoes, bread and pumpkin pie!
He fell asleep on the way home from lunch so that gave me time to set the table for a nice holiday dinner with Mimi and Papa! (This is the one time of year I get to use my Christmas china!)
The second Mimi & Papa walked through the door, Wy-man drug them downstairs to open his remaining gifts!
He even convinced Papa to put together his gift from them - an art easel play station. The only downfall is the screws didn't come in the it wouldn't stay together. Wy-man has been sad about it ever sense.
We then capped off dinner by celebrating Jesus' birthday with Jello Poke Cake...Yum!! We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and let Wy-man blow out the candle. He had a blast!
And we completed the night but getting Wy-man into his new Thomas the Train PJ's (from Santa) and taking him out for a drive to look at the Christmas lights! (He wouldn't stand still for a photo so this is the best one I got!)
Even Buddy & Coco got to come inside and enjoy the holiday festivities! Buddy decided he would let Coco cuddle next to him - the holidays must bring out his softer side...he usually makes his sister sleep on the other rug!
This holiday season was wonderful to us. We enjoyed spending quality time with the ones we love!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas From The Davidsons

Since I wasn't able to work far enough in advance to have my Christmas Cards printed, I decided to design one and at least send it electronically.

So here's from our family to yours! Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I was lucky enough to have the day off so Wy-man and I started the day by going to Dad-d's work to swim! We had a blast -- worked on our tummy float, back float, bubbles and of course going down the kiddy slide!

Then it was time for nap but Wy-man wasn't having it! So, I decided we should ice the sugar cookies we had made for Santa! (He could have cared less about making them as long as he could lick the mixer!)I even let him have a butter knife to do some icing. We worked on our colors as we iced. (He didn't find that amusing since he knows his colors so well already...but that's a mama's job, right?!) He even sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" as he iced his star.
Then it was off to Christmas Eve service at 4:00. And because we had no nap, Wy-man promptly fell asleep on the way home from church. Imagine that!
So he cuddled with Great Grandad while Mama got the snacks ready!
And we finally had to wake him up...otherwise he wouldn't sleep at night. But that was the wrong move! We had a bear on our hands!!! So we thought we would get on web cam to see Mimi and Papa and Ash, Seth and the boys in Joplin. (That always makes him happy...but NOT this time!)
He even pulled out his signature Pouty Lip!

So Wy-man and Mama had a little cuddle time and he finally started to perk up. Dad-d had to go shovel snow so I was able to make Wy-man even more happy by letting him open a gift.
I then wanted to get a nice photo of him dressed up in the front of the tree...but this was the best I got...better than nothing, right?! ;-)
We then ended the night by putting out cookies and milk for Santa.And it was a good thing that Santa was basing his present giving on the entire year and not just Christmas Eve...because Wy-man made out like a bandit!
All in all, what a wonderful Christmas Eve with the family! We are blessed!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday's Words of the Week

This weeks words cracked me up quite a bit!

1. "I dove you MORE!" - Meaning "I Love you More!" It melts my heart each time he says it!

2. "Keep Yourself" - Meaning "Keep your hands to yourself." I was putting him to bed the other night and was brushing my fingers through his hair. "Keep Yourself" was his response. Here I was trying to be sweet and he wasn't going to take part in it.

3. "I got yooou!" - He will run up, give me a big hug and yell "I got you!"

4. "pooter" - Meaning "Computer." He loves to play on the computer and every time calls is a pooter. Needless to say, we are working diligently on the pronunciation of this word!

5. "cooter" - Meaning "Scooter." Aunt Ashley and Uncle Seth got Wy-man a scooter for Christmas. Every time we go into the garage and he sees it he yells 'My cooter!" This is another one of the words we are working on pronouncing correctly! But until them, it makes Dad-d and I chuckle under our breath!

6. "That licious" - Meaning "That's Delicious." While I was baking for the holidays I let Wy-man have a taste and he told me "that licious." It was the cutest thing.

7. "Miss you tons!" - He just recently started this one. He will wake up in the morning or from his nap and tell us that he "Missed us tons!" What a sweet little boy we have!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Daycare

Today was Wy-man's Christmas party at daycare -- they were going to be decorating cookies and having a book exchange. Wy-man was so excited and was happy to see me when I showed up.

We started by icing our cookies...And Mr. Must Do It Myself decided to make an appearance. He wanted to stick his fingers in the icing bowls and of course use every color available.
He didn't want to listen to Mama so I resorted to taking photos as he listened much better to his teacher Katie. ;-)
And of course he had to COVER the cookies in sprinkles.
Then it was time for the Book Exchange. Miss Alex was so prepared. Each child drew and number and that is the book you got. Well, Wy-man chose 15 and scored the largest book of the group. That was really cool for him!
He enjoyed unwrapping the Lifesize Zoo Book...
And was the hit of the class!
That was until he realized he didn't get to also open up the book that he brought!
But the happy child finally reappeared as we read books together!
Mama had a great time (even though Wy-man was a little bit of a pill). And I escaped with only a little bit of icing on my suit. ;-) SUCCESS!

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Trip to the Movies

We have started a Family Movie Night tradition at the Davidson household and Wy-man is an angel each time. He loves to sit and watch the movie while he eats his popcorn. So we had a brilliant idea to take him to see Yogi Bear at the was that nearly a disaster!

It started by us arriving 30 minutes early (due to it being the first day the movie was released, Mama thought that the theatre would be packed). Needless to say, there was NO ONE else there. So Wy-man sat perfectly for the first 15 minutes. That was until he dropped the entire large popcorn on the ground and then had a meltdown. :-( Dad-d came to the rescue and bought us some more popcorn and M&M's. The M&M's were mistake #2. He wanted the entire BOX!

Now, it's finally time for the movie and Wy-man decides to stand up in his chair to check out the kids behind him (now that there are a total of 35 people in the entire 4:00 viewing of this movie). But while turning around, he stepped to the back of the chair and slide right through. So now he was stuck in the chair!

Once we got the chair situation take care of, he started to yell during the movie. When we asked him to use his inside voice, he got upset and started screaming. Dad-d had to take him out of the theatre while people started at us.

The movie was actually pretty cute, but we will be watching movies at home for another couple years before we try this adventure again. ;-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Words of the Week

This week I am choosing to focus on just one statement from Wy-man. We were out to dinner last Wednesday and Wy-man leaned over to me, gave me a hug and said, "You're Awesome!"

What a wonderful thing to hear him say. It made my night and I couldn't wait to document it on here!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season!

Well it's that time of year and I finally have the house decorated for the holidays. Last year we bought a tree and then I never decorated it since Mike and I went to this year I vowed to have the entire house done. And it's accomplished! So I hope you enjoy a little taste of Christmas in the Davidson household.

This photo gives you a 360 view of our 'outdoors' themed Christmas tree. It fits perfectly with our basement decor. (I even have a few presents wrapped to complete the look.)
I also wanted to show you a close-up of the top of our tree. Normally I depend on my mama to help me make my tree beautiful, but this year she wasn't available so I am VERY proud to showoff my own work. ;-) (Although, mom helped with the rest of the house!)Here's an array of the holiday decor throughout the house. And we had to make sure there was a place to leave milk and cookies for Santa. ;-)
This is the entry way staircase and where we have to hang our stockings since we don't have a mantle. But it works perfectly for us!
And man do I love my Christmas dishes. They make me smile each time I look at my hutch. I only get to use them during this special time of year, so why not display them proudly?!
My mama was even able to make my kitchen counter/phone area look cute! Also, I now have a cleaver way to display the Christmas cards we receive. (As you can see, I have only gotten two cards so far so I am really looking forward to the rest coming in so I can put them on display!)
Another Christmas tradition that Wy-man is in love with is my North Pole Village. When I was a teenager my parents started this collection for me and I received a new piece each Christmas. Now, each night Wy-man and I turn on the lights and admire the village in its beauty! (Thank you mom and dad for starting this wonderful tradition along with my holiday china. At the time, I didn't realize how much I would love having this in a house of my own!)
And lastly, I couldn't forget about our Pitt State Room. This tree started out as the Christmas tree for my college roommate Erica and I. I have kept it and added ornaments throughout the years. It wouldn't be complete without the red balls, banana ornaments and gorilla angel! Works perfectly in our workout room. Now we can run on the treadmill while enjoying the decorations! ;-)
I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my life, and this time of year allows me to reflect on these great gifts. I am really enjoying teaching Wy-man what Christmas is really all about and hope he can fully understand what a great gift we have been given through our Savior Jesus Christ!

I hope each and every one of you enjoy this special time of year!