Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jesus' Birthday

On Christmas mornin' this was the first sight I saw...a child in awe of the Christmas wonder. What a wonderful perspective! He enjoyed opening his gifts from Santa...
..and trying on his new shades!Of course he also had to check out Dad-d's gift from Santa - a Cotton Candy Machine!
We then cleaned up and went to visit Great Grandad for a nice Christmas Day lunch. Wy-man is loved at "The Lodge" by all the little old ladies, so he enjoys going. He even snuggled up next to Grandad for a photo opp.
And he also posed with me!
Then it was food-time and there was no stopping him. He scarfed down the turkey, mashed potatoes, bread and pumpkin pie!
He fell asleep on the way home from lunch so that gave me time to set the table for a nice holiday dinner with Mimi and Papa! (This is the one time of year I get to use my Christmas china!)
The second Mimi & Papa walked through the door, Wy-man drug them downstairs to open his remaining gifts!
He even convinced Papa to put together his gift from them - an art easel play station. The only downfall is the screws didn't come in the it wouldn't stay together. Wy-man has been sad about it ever sense.
We then capped off dinner by celebrating Jesus' birthday with Jello Poke Cake...Yum!! We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and let Wy-man blow out the candle. He had a blast!
And we completed the night but getting Wy-man into his new Thomas the Train PJ's (from Santa) and taking him out for a drive to look at the Christmas lights! (He wouldn't stand still for a photo so this is the best one I got!)
Even Buddy & Coco got to come inside and enjoy the holiday festivities! Buddy decided he would let Coco cuddle next to him - the holidays must bring out his softer side...he usually makes his sister sleep on the other rug!
This holiday season was wonderful to us. We enjoyed spending quality time with the ones we love!

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