Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday's Words of the Week

This weeks words cracked me up quite a bit!

1. "I dove you MORE!" - Meaning "I Love you More!" It melts my heart each time he says it!

2. "Keep Yourself" - Meaning "Keep your hands to yourself." I was putting him to bed the other night and was brushing my fingers through his hair. "Keep Yourself" was his response. Here I was trying to be sweet and he wasn't going to take part in it.

3. "I got yooou!" - He will run up, give me a big hug and yell "I got you!"

4. "pooter" - Meaning "Computer." He loves to play on the computer and every time calls is a pooter. Needless to say, we are working diligently on the pronunciation of this word!

5. "cooter" - Meaning "Scooter." Aunt Ashley and Uncle Seth got Wy-man a scooter for Christmas. Every time we go into the garage and he sees it he yells 'My cooter!" This is another one of the words we are working on pronouncing correctly! But until them, it makes Dad-d and I chuckle under our breath!

6. "That licious" - Meaning "That's Delicious." While I was baking for the holidays I let Wy-man have a taste and he told me "that licious." It was the cutest thing.

7. "Miss you tons!" - He just recently started this one. He will wake up in the morning or from his nap and tell us that he "Missed us tons!" What a sweet little boy we have!

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  1. Korbin started say I love you more and I love you too. It's heart-melting, isn't it?
    Haha and I love the scooter pronunciation! lol