Sunday, December 26, 2010

Choo Choo Obsession

Wy-man has a new found obsession with Choo Choo Trains. (Thank you Cousin Will & Austin for sharing ALL of your Thomas trains with him. He takes them EVERYWHERE!)

That being said, I HAD to purchase the Gingerbread Choo Choo Train when I saw it. I just knew Wy-man would LOVE it. And sure enough he did. So much so, I had to hide it until we could actually make it.

I assembled the body the night before and let it dry. The morning after Christmas Wy-man and I set out to decorate this steam engine!
And man was he meticulous for two years old. I was quite impressed.
I thought he would be too interested in eating the candy, but I was wrong. He didn't try to eat one piece. It was all about the decorating!
Wy-man then had to get out his new Christmas present (his camera) and take a photo of his masterpiece. (Instead he had more fun taking a photo of me taking a photo.)
I finally was able to get him to put the camera down and look at me. I just love seeing the pure joy in his eyes!
And here's the finished product. Not too shabby for two years old, huh?! (And I only helped a little...)
I think we have now established a new tradition for next year!

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