Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season!

Well it's that time of year and I finally have the house decorated for the holidays. Last year we bought a tree and then I never decorated it since Mike and I went to Jamaica...so this year I vowed to have the entire house done. And it's accomplished! So I hope you enjoy a little taste of Christmas in the Davidson household.

This photo gives you a 360 view of our 'outdoors' themed Christmas tree. It fits perfectly with our basement decor. (I even have a few presents wrapped to complete the look.)
I also wanted to show you a close-up of the top of our tree. Normally I depend on my mama to help me make my tree beautiful, but this year she wasn't available so I am VERY proud to showoff my own work. ;-) (Although, mom helped with the rest of the house!)Here's an array of the holiday decor throughout the house. And we had to make sure there was a place to leave milk and cookies for Santa. ;-)
This is the entry way staircase and where we have to hang our stockings since we don't have a mantle. But it works perfectly for us!
And man do I love my Christmas dishes. They make me smile each time I look at my hutch. I only get to use them during this special time of year, so why not display them proudly?!
My mama was even able to make my kitchen counter/phone area look cute! Also, I now have a cleaver way to display the Christmas cards we receive. (As you can see, I have only gotten two cards so far so I am really looking forward to the rest coming in so I can put them on display!)
Another Christmas tradition that Wy-man is in love with is my North Pole Village. When I was a teenager my parents started this collection for me and I received a new piece each Christmas. Now, each night Wy-man and I turn on the lights and admire the village in its beauty! (Thank you mom and dad for starting this wonderful tradition along with my holiday china. At the time, I didn't realize how much I would love having this in a house of my own!)
And lastly, I couldn't forget about our Pitt State Room. This tree started out as the Christmas tree for my college roommate Erica and I. I have kept it and added ornaments throughout the years. It wouldn't be complete without the red balls, banana ornaments and gorilla angel! Works perfectly in our workout room. Now we can run on the treadmill while enjoying the decorations! ;-)
I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my life, and this time of year allows me to reflect on these great gifts. I am really enjoying teaching Wy-man what Christmas is really all about and hope he can fully understand what a great gift we have been given through our Savior Jesus Christ!

I hope each and every one of you enjoy this special time of year!

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  1. Courtney, I just love your blog! Your tree looks fab. Merry Christmas!