Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I was lucky enough to have the day off so Wy-man and I started the day by going to Dad-d's work to swim! We had a blast -- worked on our tummy float, back float, bubbles and of course going down the kiddy slide!

Then it was time for nap but Wy-man wasn't having it! So, I decided we should ice the sugar cookies we had made for Santa! (He could have cared less about making them as long as he could lick the mixer!)I even let him have a butter knife to do some icing. We worked on our colors as we iced. (He didn't find that amusing since he knows his colors so well already...but that's a mama's job, right?!) He even sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" as he iced his star.
Then it was off to Christmas Eve service at 4:00. And because we had no nap, Wy-man promptly fell asleep on the way home from church. Imagine that!
So he cuddled with Great Grandad while Mama got the snacks ready!
And we finally had to wake him up...otherwise he wouldn't sleep at night. But that was the wrong move! We had a bear on our hands!!! So we thought we would get on web cam to see Mimi and Papa and Ash, Seth and the boys in Joplin. (That always makes him happy...but NOT this time!)
He even pulled out his signature Pouty Lip!

So Wy-man and Mama had a little cuddle time and he finally started to perk up. Dad-d had to go shovel snow so I was able to make Wy-man even more happy by letting him open a gift.
I then wanted to get a nice photo of him dressed up in the front of the tree...but this was the best I got...better than nothing, right?! ;-)
We then ended the night by putting out cookies and milk for Santa.And it was a good thing that Santa was basing his present giving on the entire year and not just Christmas Eve...because Wy-man made out like a bandit!
All in all, what a wonderful Christmas Eve with the family! We are blessed!

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