Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Daycare

Today was Wy-man's Christmas party at daycare -- they were going to be decorating cookies and having a book exchange. Wy-man was so excited and was happy to see me when I showed up.

We started by icing our cookies...And Mr. Must Do It Myself decided to make an appearance. He wanted to stick his fingers in the icing bowls and of course use every color available.
He didn't want to listen to Mama so I resorted to taking photos as he listened much better to his teacher Katie. ;-)
And of course he had to COVER the cookies in sprinkles.
Then it was time for the Book Exchange. Miss Alex was so prepared. Each child drew and number and that is the book you got. Well, Wy-man chose 15 and scored the largest book of the group. That was really cool for him!
He enjoyed unwrapping the Lifesize Zoo Book...
And was the hit of the class!
That was until he realized he didn't get to also open up the book that he brought!
But the happy child finally reappeared as we read books together!
Mama had a great time (even though Wy-man was a little bit of a pill). And I escaped with only a little bit of icing on my suit. ;-) SUCCESS!

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