Friday, December 31, 2010

Play-doh Fun

I had a three day weekend so Wy-man and I had lots of fun activities on the agenda. First, was having fun with Play-doh. We played, smashed, rolled, cut and repeated that process many times.
He couldn't wait to press out his own shapes and had to do it on his OWN! (Gotta love the independent 2 year old stage...but you can see how much fun he was having so who could say no to that?!)As many of you probably saw my Facebook Status update from last week, the OCD in me was having a hard time allowing Wy-man to mix his colors. So here's proof that I finally gave in. It actually made quite a pretty mixture initially (even though it has since become a muddy brown color).
But I figured it was worth it, and he had a blast so I decided mixing is the way to go. I will just make sure I have non-mixed refills on hand!

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