Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in November!

While my sister's family was in town, we took the opportunity to get together and not only celebrate Thanksgiving, but also celebrate Christmas.

We started out our Saturday by taking the boys to a local pottery shop, "Color Me Mine," to make Mimi her holiday platter. (This has now become a tradition that we will continue each year.)

The dads even came to help us out - they knew it would be tough to coral all 4 boys. So Dad-d and Wy-man had some bonding time as I took photos. ;-) Each boy had their foot tickled in order to make their snowman footprint just right!

Even Luke got in on the action!Here's a look at the 4 footprints prior to being created into snowmen. We left the rest of the painting up to the professionals at the was safer that way! (Wy-man's is the fat footprint on the right hand side. The gal even said after Wyatt went, "Aww, we are going to have a fat little snowman out of this footprint.")

Then we came home to enjoy a nice dinner and present opening.
And the men were thoroughly excited, can't you tell?!

Wy-man received a Cars scooter and helmet from Aunt Ashie and Uncle Seth. He was so excited for this present we had to bust it out the next day!
But the greatest gift of all (next to reason for the season - the birth of Baby Jesus), was the family trip we received from my parents. And we can't wait because....
Thanks Mom and Dad for such a wonderful holiday. We can't wait for our trip next year! Love you!

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