Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Good ol' Shiner!

As most of you already have seen on my Facebook, Wy-man had to go in for his second round of stitches in the last eight months. (He wanted to even out the scars on his eyes, I guess.)

Here's how it all went down!

Thursday night we were getting ready for bed around 8:45 but Wy-man was up a little later than normal. I told him it was time for bed so he gathered ALL of his stuffed animals (that he had brought out to the couch for reading time) and took off running into his room. He tripped about 3 feet from his bed and that was just the right distance...when he fell, he cracked his head open on the side of his toddler bed. His eyelid began gushing tons of blood immediately (good thing I was wearing red pj's).

I scooped him up, ran him into the bathroom to apply pressure in order to stop the bleeding. It was at this time that Mike met me in the bathroom and we knew it was going to be another trip to Acute Care. So we grabbed our stuff and headed out.

On our way there, Dad-d called Barry (a family friend) to come and help him out. (He knew mama wouldn't be able to handle holding Wy-man down.) So Barry and his wife, Haley, met us up at Acute Care. And we made it just in time...8:58. (Two minutes before they close...let me tell ya, they were so happy to see us.) ;-)

Barry and Mike did the dirty work while Haley kept me calm in the waiting room. (We are so lucky to have them as friends...we couldn't have made it through the night without them!)

Mike told me later on that night that in between screams, Wy-man kept telling him, "Don't let them hurt me dad-d!" I commend Dad-d for being so strong. I couldn't have done it. Wy-man and I are so lucky to have him in our lives.

And in case you are interested, here are a few photos I have taken the past couple days. (And if you have a weak stomach, these photos might not be for you.)

Here's Barry holding Wy-man after he got his stitches. Good thing Barry was there because Wy didn't want to come to Mama...only Barry!
This photo was taken on Saturday night - two days after the accident. It's really turning black and blue.
And here is his shiner on day three - taken tonight before bedtime. Poor little guy!


  1. My sweet boy!!! Thank heaven for Barry!!!!!

  2. Sometimes I think our kids are their own worst enemy. Ian loves to rub his face, and we can never seem to dull his fingernails enough. The result looks like he lost a fight with a cat.

    Glad your little guy is alright!