Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This was the first year that Wy-man was able to fully understand the concept of Trick-or-Treating. We got into costume, grabbed Wy-man's personalized treat sack and were off. (For those of you that don't know, my mom - Mimi, works part time at an awesome embroidery store, so Wy-man has MANY personalized items.)

Our first stop was Doug and Nina's (our neighbors that Wy-man just loves). He couldn't wait to walk on over... ...and ring their door bell. And of course, they had a 'special' treat for him. (A full bag of M&M's...not just the snack size.) Wy-man's eyes light up so wide. Our second stop was Barry & Haley's house. Here he received handfuls of candy and even got a box of fruit snacks. Wy-man then made himself at home, walking right in to hang out for a while. After we stayed our welcome, we had to capture the moment with a quick snapshot before heading to Mimi and Papa's.
It was at Mimi & Papa's that we were able to truly see the real joy in Wy-man. My mama had her camera ready and was able to capture this most precious site!
Once we came inside, Wy-man had to help every time the doorbell rang. So he was in charge of putting the candy in the kid's buckets. And believe it or not, he gave away candy rather than trying to claim it all for himself.
Then we had to take our annual photo with Mimi & Papa before enjoying a scrumptious Halloween meal that my mama prepared just for us!

And funny story took place the day after Halloween....

Dad-d came home on his lunch break and snuck into Wy-man's candy bag to eat a few boxes of Nerds. When Wy and I got home that night, he was throwing something away in the trash and discovered the empty boxes. He pulled them out of the trash, exclaimed "MY CANDY!" and then had an absolute meltdown. He was devastated that someone would eat his candy. (Dad-d now has to hide the evidence in a different trash can if he sneaks a snack!)

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