Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter is Upon Us

It's that time of year that we celebrate Spring and even more importantly Easter. And while we talk to Wy-man about the meaning of Easter, he doesn't fully grasp the concept. To him we go to church and celebrate, but in his mind it's still about the Easter Bunny, dying eggs and, of course, the candy!

To help Wy-man's daycare class celebrate the holiday, we put together Cheeto carrots for everyone. Thank you Pinterest for the great idea!

Wy-man couldn't wait to bring them to share with his class. He was the hit of the party!

While we plan to continue our Easter festivities the rest of the weekend with dying Easter Eggs, having an Easter Egg hunt, attending church with as a family and ending tomorrow with a wonderful Easter Brunch, I couldn't resist sharing a couple of the photos I have taken this week.  

I have plenty more...but these are a few I had time to edit. Of course, I have a lot more of Colt since Wy-man doesn't let me snap his photo very often (unless I use bribery).

I received both the hat and the coordinating frog at Colt's baby shower (ironically from two different people) but they worked great for this Easter photo shoot!  And to make it even more special, the blanket below was hand knit by Mike's grandmother when Wy-man was a baby. The colors matched perfectly and made these photos that much more sentimental!!

Happy Easter from the Davidson boys!

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