Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Baptism

 "We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of him." - 1 Samuel 1:27


Colt's baptism was such a special day for us! Finalizing the date was a last minute decision since we weren't sure when he would be born. I had created this very special baptism invitation while on bedrest and was just waiting to fill in the date. Once he arrived, we had to move quickly!

It worked out perfectly that my sister and her family would be in town since they would be Colt's Godparents. (They planned to be in town the weekend of the 25th since my original c-section date was scheduled for March 22...but since Colt came on the 9th, we decided to have him baptized rather than waiting until they were able to make their next trip to town.)

Of course the baptism didn't work out the exact way I had planned (Wy-man refused to wear his adorable linen jacket that matched his khaki pants AND he was eating Cheez-its at the front of the church), but it was perfect in my book. It was the action we were taking in front of our family, and more importantly our Savior, that mattered.  

Colt was a champ as Pastor Aaron craddled him in his arms...

 ...and blessed his innocent little head with the holy water.


It was a magical morning and we couldn't have been more happy to have family in town to witness the event.

Nana and Papa from Wichita were able to make it to help us celebrate.

We even tried to get a nice family of four photo taken since we were all dressed up...but of course Wy-man wasn't interested in cooperating. But an "okay" photo none the less.

After church we headed back to my parent's house for a yummy brunch in honor of Colt. I must give a big shout out to my wonderful mother for hosting us all!

I had the brilliant idea to take more photos, which of course Wy-man still wasn't having. But, we still had to document the special occasion - his ornery-ness and all.

Of course I had to take photos of Colt with his wonderful Godparents. He is lucky to have an aunt and uncle that love him so much, and that were willing to take on this responsibility for both him and Wy-man.

And since Wy-man didn't want to take photos, Mike and I took photos of the family without him. ;)

Mimi and Papa even took the opportunity to snuggle our little man...I mean, who wouldn't?

Great Grandad Mick was able to be there as well.

We even attempted a large group photo and believe it or not, it turned out great!! (This was the ONLY photo Wy-man behaved for ALL morning!)

Heidi and Kelby Krabbenhoft (long time friends of the family) came over for the occasion as well. It meant the world to us to have friends take part in this special day.

My mom made such a wonderful spread of food (we were missing the egg bake in this photo)! We even had a champagne cake that was SO scrumptious.

After everyone had eaten I snapped a few photos of the man of honor! Mimi had embroidered him a beautiful blanket to commemorate the special day, and Aunt Ashley bought him a handsome baptism outfit. (Let me tell you, finding a preemie baptism outfit sure was a challenge!)

And yes, Colt's eyes are really yellow in this photo. His jaundice was still pretty severe at this time...I thought about photoshopping his eyes, but then decided against it. I wanted this photo to be completely honest.

And before Ash, Seth and the boys got on the road, Austin and Will were finally able to hold Baby Colt. We had had such a crazy weekend (with the shower, birthday party and the baptism) that they hadn't gotten to hold him yet.

So they took the opportunity to have some cuddle time while mom and dad loaded the car for their trip back to Joplin. They did great with the baby and I was able to capture some cute photos to document it!

It was an amazing morning for such a special occasion. We are blessed beyond belief and I am ecstatic that Colt is a child of God! Thank you to everyone that helped make this day perfect for us!

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  1. Courtney, what a beautiful event (and your invitation looked so great)! Congrats to your family.