Friday, August 27, 2010

My Money...

Tonight we had dinner with Mimi and Papa (my parents) and when they are around, Wy-man doesn't even realize mama and dad-d exist.

Well, Wyatt has gotten into a new pattern of riding a mechanical horse when we are at the local grocery store and he now is very familiar with quarters. So while Papa happened to get in his wallet to pull out a tip, Wy-man seized the opportunity and grabbed a $20 bill from him. He then turned to Mimi and wanted to trade her the $20 for 1 quarter to "Ride horzie." (That would have been a sweet deal for Mimi, I might add.) ;-)

We tried to get him to give the money back and his response was, "No papa, my moneyz." Needless to say, Papa had a soft heart and let him put that $20 into his piggy bank.

Here's Mr. Cheezeball posing for my camera phone with his moneyz. (And Mimi's hand working on the trade.) haha

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