Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Blogging Adventure's been a month since I created my blog, so I guess it's now time to make my first post. I wanted to wait until I had my background designed using photos of Wyatt, but decided it was taking me too long so the show must go on. I hope this isn't an indicator of how often I will have time to post - or if it will even be relevant information that people will care to read. But then again I am doing this for me so if no one reads who cares, right?!

My reason for joining the blogging world is that I can document my "Mama Moments." Wyatt is turning two this Friday and says/does SO many things that I absolutely love, but I haven't been great at keeping track so this is my new attempt. Hopefully there will be some fun, interesting, funny, creative, intelligent posts along the way that will keep you all coming back. :)

Until then, enjoy my Mama Moments!

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