Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Nights...

Summer nights are coming to an end so Wy-man and I took advantage of the nice weather while Dad-D was working late. We had a fun evening playing in the front yard with sidewalk chalk and his bubble mower.
And I can't resist this image...I just LOVE little boys with their shirts off and their diapers showing! I love watching my baby grow into a sweet young boy and witnessing him learn is amazing. He loves to play and that was evident tonight. I had to capture these moments while I can, as he will be 3 before I know it.
He means business when he runs...
I was drawing around his feet so he wanted to draw around mine...except he kept drawing on them. And before we could call it a night, he had to bust out his bubble mower and make a couple laps around the driveway.
Man I love being a mom and will cherish these small memories for the rest of my life!

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