Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dad-D's Marathon!

Today was the big day...Dad-d's Marathon!
Wy-man and I were up early to support Dad-d the entire way!
This was our first stop - Mile 9.
Our next stop - Mile 17. Wy-man enjoyed some time with people from Dad-d's work.
Chloe was so sweet - she shared fruit snacks and her computer with Wy-man.
He had a blast at this stop!
Mile 22 - Wy-man couldn't wait to hand Dad-d his Gatorade!
(Can you tell he was tired of me trying to take our photo together?) ;-) At the finish line with Papa trying to spot Dad-d!
At the finish line!!! Way to go Dad-d!
Wanting a drink of Dad-d's water...then trying to help dad-d drink too! We had special shirts made just for the occasion...Run Dad-d Run!! We are so proud of you.
Can't you tell?! Wyatt wants to be just like his dad!
I can't wait for the day that Wyatt grabs dad-d's hand and runs to the finish line with him.
Thank you Dad-d for inspiraing me everyday!

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