Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rare Form

Today was a day FULL of Mama's Moments as Wy-man was in rare form. Here's a little recap of the night:

1. Making Cookies: After eating dinner it was time to make cookies for church this weekend, so I asked Wy-man if he wanted to help. He went straight to the fridge, opened it up and pulled out the package of eggs. Where did he know this? I don't think I have baked cookies in the last 6 months. I was sure impressed that he knew eggs were for baking cookies.
Little did I know he would want to hold the egg. I decided...'Ah, what could it hurt? He will be careful since I am standing right here.' That was a stupid thought on my part. Within the first minute of holding the egg, Wyatt slipped on his chair, crushed his egg in his hand and was hanging on to the counter top for dear life. He got egg all over the floor, the rug, the cabinet, my socks and himself...but I was proud of myself as I was able to laugh it off. (And so was Dad-d. And for those of you that know Mike and know what a clean freak he is, his ability to laugh it off AND let me clean it up without recleaning is monumental!)

Here are a few photos of our cooking adventure. We had a lot of fun and the cookies turned out great. At the end he wanted to lick the spatula and while I know I shouldn't let him do it due to the raw egg, I wiped most of the dough off so he could still have fun. And too bad I never have my good camera around when I want to document an cell phone was close by so I was at least able to snap a these will have to do.

Now, it's time for bed and this is when the real fun began...
2. Boogers: He's laying in his toddler bed (not wanting to fall asleep mind you) and trying everything to get me to talk to him. He sits up in bed and yells, "Eeewww! What is this?! (long pause) BOOGER!" But being the clean kid that he is (he takes after dad-d), he had to have his hand cleaned off since he can only have his hands dirty for a couple seconds before he needs a 'napkin.'

3. Mama's Phone: His next attempt to get out of bed was pretty clever if you ask me. Once again setting up in bed he says, "Mama, your phone reenin. I get it!" and proceeds to try and climb out of bed. I calmly put him back into bed as I was trying so hard to hold in my laughter. I have to give him credit for being so inventive! Already at the age of 2...really?!

4. "Tant Tu Mama": He thought he should have one more run at refusing bedtime so he tried to bribe me with his horsie. By this time he was super tired but totally fighting he lifts his head, pushes the horsie over the side of the bed (as that is where I lay to try and keep him from crawling out of his bed), and proceeds to say, "Tant tu, mama!" I decided it was best to lay there in silence as maybe he would think I was asleep. Disgusted that I didn't respond to him he sighed, put his head down with a thud and with total attitude said, "You're Welcome!" And it was at that point that he was finally down for the count.

Wy-man sure brings such joy to my life but he is going to give us a run for our money. Hopefully we are ready!


  1. So...since we're dealing with sleeping issues HERE, you're saying you lay beside his bed to keep him in? I'll have to keep this in mind! We're losing our minds over here!

    The boys were baking with me the other day. Both wanted to crack the eggs. Patrick did it PERFECTLY, and Dominic smashed the entire egg in his hand--and how he DIDN'T get any shell into the bowl I'll never know. I'm going to try this approach next time I bake.

  2. Children don't know how good they have it. Oh, the days of sleep...