Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outside Fun

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend so Wy-man and I took full advantage of getting outside for an hour or so. (Plus, Dad-d had the flu, so I couldn't wait to escape from the house.)

The snow is probably up to Wy-man's waste, so it's a good thing he isn't too heavy and can walk without sinking too much, but it still gave him a good workout. He couldn't wait to help shovel thinking he was going to get rid of all the snow in our yard.
When he got bored with shoveling, he busted out his beloved bubble mower. Although he was saddened that the bubbles were used up during the summer, he still had a blast moving any snow/ice/water mixture he could find.
He even found time to visit the neighbor. (Boy is he social...I wonder where he gets that?!) Then we worked on a snowman...Okay, I should be realistic. Mama built the snowman while Wy-man did whatever he felt like.
But our finished product was quite the masterpiece! (We had to snap photos fast because our snowman was melting quite fast in the blistering 40 degree heat we were experiencing.) ;-)
Wy-man even put his arm around him to pose for a photo opp. (This never happens.)
And they even shared a hug!
Then we were off to sled, except we only have an inflatable Mama was inventive and hooked the dog's leash to the handle. And we were off! Running through the neighbor's yard, giggling and having a blast (until Mama needed her asthma inhaler). ;-)
(And he's only wearing his helment because he wanted to ride his scooter prior to no, I wasn't worried about head injuries during the sled ride.)
What a wonderful afternoon we had spending quality time in the snow and taking in the wonderful fresh air!

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