Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sledding in a Winter Wonderland

We have been talking about sledding for a while now and today was the day we decided to give in to Wy-man. So we blew up the tube and let him jump on it while Dad-d and I were getting things ready. (Of course he had to jump in his big boy undies!) Then he found his snow boots and had to put them on! But he did it all by himself (even on the correct feet).
Once we got all suited up, he helped us bring the tube down to the entry way.
And we set out to sled. It was perfect because there wasn't anyone else on the hill...but we soon figured out why. We were the ONLY crazy ones willing to sled in the blaming 9 degree weather. (No that wasn't a was only 9 degrees out.) People were driving by giving us the craziest looks. ;-)
Wy-man loved his first ride down the hill with Dad-d and he even made the long trek back up!
Then it was Mama's turn!
Wy-man took one more run with Dad-d and then we headed back to the car. Wy-man wasn't ready to leave even though we were all frozen popsicles. But he soon obliged so we came home and promptly enjoyed some 'choco hot' (hot chocolate) with marshmallows.
Even though it was a very short trip and was cold beyond belief, we had a wonderful time adding more memories to the memory book! We truly are blessed!

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  1. As much as I dislike snow, I would totally sled with Ian whenever he wanted*.

    * and mommy says it's okay.