Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Boy Undies... little baby is growin' up. That is SO hard for me to say. I am so happy yet sad at the same time. I no longer have a baby...instead an independent, outspoken toddler with a mind of his own.

We have been messing around with this potty training stuff since the summer but with no real progress. He became super interested in going potty on the potty back in July so I thought this process was going to be a breeze. But it hasn't been. He acts interested...then not interested.

So I decided it was time to bite the bullet - I had a 3 day weekend and tons of snow outside (so no reason to leave the house). Why not spend it getting this little man free from diapers?

I bought some Thomas Big Boy Undies thinking they would do the trick. Wy-man wouldn't want Thomas to be sad that he got wet, would he?! So I busted them out and Wy-man's new found freedom was SO exciting. He couldn't wait to lounge around and read his Zoo book... Or even ride his horsie!He even went poopy on the potty and had to read a book during the process. (I am convinced this is why all men take a newspaper or magazine into the bathroom with them. It starts at a young age.) ;-)
We were off to a great start - even playing outside in the snow he didn't have an accident. But then...we had 4 accidents in a row and I was ready to give up.

But I decided to give it another shot. So yesterday I found this Potty Train chart. It was PERFECT fitting into our train theme!
What better solution than a Train chart to go along with the Thomas Big Boy undies. We earned 5 stickers yesterday and had only 1 accident. :-) I thought..."This is it! We are done with diapers..."

Until today...we are now refusing to use the potty. Who knows. Maybe we started too soon, but this boy is smart enough and is demanding Big Boy Undies yet at the same time doesn't want to go potty unless he's in the mood. He sure is strong willed...he doesn't get that from his mama, does he?! I am just not sure this mama is strong enough to continue. Only time will tell. Wish us luck!

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