Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Wow, life has been quite hectic in the Davidson household and I have neglected to make any posts lately. I promised myself that I wouldn't post until I had all holiday decorations taken down. (I's the end of Feb. and I am embarrassed to say that I am just getting my Christmas tree down.) ;-(

But now that it is down and nicely put away (as of yesterday), I can spend a little time updating - from our Mexico trip, to Wyatt's Words of the Week and many other happenings in our lives. So let's get started....

I love the opportunity to throw a party, design invitations and go all out on decorations, so Wy-man's V-day party at daycare was no different. This was the first year he truly understands about giving gifts and I couldn't wait for him to pass them out to his classmates.
I found plastic candy hearts and filled them with candy (I debated on going the healthy route with fruit snacks or raisins...but then decided "What the heck, let's give them a little candy.") He has 16 kids in his class so each of his friends got a different saying and a personalized Valentine complete with Wy-man's photo.
I was absolutely in love with his Valentines and he was the hit of the party...actually the talk of the daycare. No sooner did I walk in to pick him up that night, the girls at the front desk were sharing with me how much they liked his Valentine cards. So I was one proud mama! I mean...who could resist this smile?!
Happy Valentine's Day - 2011!

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