Saturday, September 17, 2011


As I rest on the couch and try to kick this sinus infection, I am able to catch up a little on my blog. And since I can't stop thinking about all the things Wy-man has said since I got home from my Denver business trip last night, I thought...why not make a post?! (He either has gotten funnier in the 72 hours I was gone, or I am just realizing it more since I was a away for a while.)

In the last 18 hours he has amused me with the following:

1. He gave me a big hug after I got off the plane and as I began to talk to him, he asked me what happened to my voice. I told him I had lost it because I was sick. And he quickly responded, "Well go back to the plane and get it!" Oh, how I wish it was that easy.

2. In the car on the way home from the airport he asked me if the baby had popped out yet. I told him, "No, the baby won't be here until after Christmas, but when it's here he can hold it." He proceeded by telling me, "The baby will slip out of my hands and fall on the floor." Guess we really better watch him the first time he holds the baby, huh?! :)

3. The baby conversation continued and he told me the baby will like him b/c he will run around and play with 'him'. (As he referred to the baby last night - it changes from him to her daily.) I told him the baby will just lay there for a while and won't be able to walk yet. So he asked me, "The baby can't wait until he has feet, like me?!" I love how he thinks about everything in such detail. How do you explain to a 3 year old that they baby has feet when it's born but they can't put weight on them yet?

4. As we were coming into the door last night he gave me a big hug and said, "There, I'll make you feel better!" He is such a sweet little boy.

5. We were finally home and playing trains and he all of a sudden had to go potty. He stood up, turned around and said, "I think I make it just in time!" How can you not chuckle to yourself when he says things like that...and he always has the best timing.

I can't believe he is so witty - he definitely takes after his Dad-d!!!

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