Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bakin' Cookies

Well, I am getting back into the swing of things - now I'm able to write more than once a month! This mama is super excited!

Yesterday, Mimi picked Wy-man up early from daycare and they had a blast making cookies. Thanks to my mama for sharing these moments with my little man. He sure had a blast!!

Once the dough was mixed, Mimi went to grab the camera. And look what this ornery boy was doing when she came back...dipping his finger into the batter. He was caught red handed!
And yet he tried to look so innocent. (But do you see the trace of batter on his cheek?!) Then, he must have decided to embrace the camera's presence! (What a cheese ball!)

Mimi's other mistake was giving Wy-man the chocolate chip bag and asking him to put in the chips. He would put a few in and then eat a handful. When Mimi told him to dump the rest of the bag in but he refused since that wouldn't leave any left for him to snack on. But when the chips were thoroughly mixed in, Mimi even let him put the cookies on the cookie sheet - she sure was brave!

But here's the best part - he got to lick the mixer.

While the cookies baked, Mimi took him outside to play. (This crazy kid would be outside even in negative temperatures.) And when he came in, they enjoyed a nice snack.

He worked hard on his thumbs up for this photo opp but then decided it was time to drink his milk and enjoy his cookie!

Thanks Mimi for spending this quality time with Wy-man. He loved it!

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