Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Words of the Week...well Months!

Well I can't believe it has been a months since posting some Wyatt-isms, so I am jumping back on the bandwagon. These statements have been accumulating since January and I can't wait to share them. (Good thing I had these written on a post-it note...)

1. "Gonna go ask my dad-d" - he wasn't happy with my answer to do something, so he kept saying he was going to ask is dad-d. Thankfully this has passed but I am sure he will pull it back out at some point when he doesn't like what mama has to say.

2. "It scared my ears." - Dad-d took Wy-Man to the Monster Truck show and the engines were so loud they scared him horribly. So when I asked Wy about the show he told me "It scared my ears."

3. "I choose what I eat!" - In Feb/March Wy-man became pretty picky about his food. We sat down for dinner and of course he was being picky. So I told him to eat his green beans. He looked as me with attitude and said, "Mama, I choose what I eat!"

4. "Sooo - whatevvvverrrr!" - Not sure where this one came from but it was his favorite thing to say for about 3 months. Me: "Wy it's time for bed." Him: "Sooo, whatever!" ; Me: "Wy it's time to go to daycare." Him: "So, whatever!" And to make it that much more enjoyable, he would throw his hands up in the air while saying it, totally adding to the drama.

5. "Sweet taa-tayta" - For a while there, Wy couldn't quite say potato and Mimi's endearing name for Wy-man is her Sweet Potato. So his attempt to repeat her was too adorable not to mention.

6. "I'll be right back" - Any time we would tell Wy-man it was time for bed, it was time to go to daycare, or anything else he didn't want to do he would tell us "I'll be right back" and hold up is hand (like a stop sign). It was so hard not to bust out laughing. Too bad I wasn't able to capture a photo. He is just too cute.

7. "I'm texting" - We gave Wy-man my old cell phone because we all know kids love electronics. So one day we were going to run errands and told Wy it was time to go. He looked up from the phone and said, "Hold on, I'm texting." Really, he's 2. Guess that means mama and dad-d text too much.

8. "Come on...the Party's Dartin'" - Dad-d got home from work and Wy-man yells to him "Come on...the party's dartin' " meaning (the party's startin'). There wasn't a party going on but Wy sure thought there was.

9. "I can't eat that, it make me sick." - Of course, another picky eater statement. I asked him to eat his pork chop for dinner and he told me "I can't eat that, it make me sick." Where does he learn these things?

10. "I want a burger cheese." - A cheeseburger is one if Wy-man's favorites...but he always requests a burger cheese.

And unfortunately there are a few I am sad to report as well...(darn it daycare).

11. "Shut up" - Wy-man knew this was a naughty word b/c when he would say it, he would do it in a whisper. We quickly nipped that one in the bud.

12. "Stupid" - It's inevitable...kids will say things we don't want them to no matter how well we parent. Another word learned at daycare was 'stupid' but we have had talks and he knows it isn't a word he should use.

A few additional stories that I must capture for prosperity.

13. The other night I was putting him to bed and it was thundering. He asked me what that was. I told him "Someone is knocking on heaven's door." About 10 minutes later it thundered again and said, "Mama, somebunny's knockin' at Kevin's door." It was too cute!

14. Dad-d was bringing Wy-man to daycare and he was dressed in cute khakis and a surf shirt from his good friend Selah. He proceeded to say, "Dad-d, I don't like these pants. I pee on them at daycare so they change them." Seriously? Did he really just say that?! We did make it through the day without an intentional pee.

15. Just two weeks ago I was putting Wy in his car seat after daycare and his excuse so I wouldn't buckle his car seat was "I pooped in my underwear and now I am squishing it!" Seriously? I am amazed at his imagination and he isn't even three.

But man do I love this little man!!!