Friday, September 28, 2012

Did I really just win?!

Wow...I can't believe my photo was voted the winner. I have always loved to photograph my boys, but it wasn't until four months ago that I made the leap to do this professionally. (Which is why I don't have a website or blog for my photography work...only a Facebook page.)

Thank you Click It Up A Notch for helping me grow in photography and inspiring me to do better work. And thank you to my friend, Amanda Lassiter, for introducing me to this wonderful blog and encouraging me to be brave enough to enter a photo.

For those of you that are viewing my blog from Click It Up A Notch, I am truly embarrassed that I haven't been keeping it up to date. This is my blog of my kiddos (feel free to check it out if you want), but come back soon and hopefully I will have something for my photos up and running soon. Until then, swing on by CMD Photography on Facebook.  

Thank you again!!!

Click It Up A Notch

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Colt is 5 Months

It's been months since I have posted and lots has gone on. I've gone back to work, I've started a photography business, Colt started rolling over and even took his first bites. Wyatt turned four and Colt is now almost 6 months old. Wow is time flying.

Well, to document Colt's 5 month occasion (Aug 9th), I captured this beautiful image of him and Daddy. It depicts his personality to a tee. Not only do I love this photo, it has easily become the most favorite photo I have ever taken. So much so, I have decided to enter this image into the Click It Up A Notch August Photo contest. Wish me luck!

Click It Up A Notch

So here's to another month of (hopefully) great photography.